How it Works

The consignment period is 1 season long. You will receive 40% of the actual selling price for all items. We do our best to sell your items at full price but the selling price of any item may be reduced after 45 days in order to encourage a sale.

Checks are automatically generated after the season is completed. Once your check is ready, you may pick it up anytime during store hours. Checks will only be mailed if you are closing your account. Mailing your check will result in a $1 mailing fee and must be requested via email.

Items that remain unsold by the end of the season will be donated. We DO NOT allow you to pull your items.


Drop Off Date
December 1st-February 28th
March 1st-May 30th
June 1st-August 30th
September 1st-November 30th

Check Available After
March 15th
June 15th
September 15th
December 15th